• LT 215/75R-15 OWL
  • LT 235/75R-15 OWL
  • LT 30/9.5R-15 OWL
  • LT 31/10.5R-15 OWL
  • LT 32/11.5R-15 OWL
  • LT 33/12.5R-15 OWL
  • LT 35/12.5R-15 OWL
  • LT 255/70R-16 OWL
  • LT 315/75R-16 OWL


  • Interlocking shoulder block design can grip and exclude gravel and clods to increase maneuverability, and allow the car to be navigated freely on rugged roads.
  • Hook-shaped blocks increase gripping thrust on gravel and clods.
  • The extended blocks on tread shoulders provide extra traction between blocks and gravel.
  • The prominent bar on the bottom of the grooves prevents stones are lodged in the grooves. Lodged stones will be expelled by the flexible moves between the prominent bar and the groove wall.
  • Z-shaped zigzag grooves facilitate to disperse the clods and adapt to all kinds of rugged roads.


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