• 195/55R-15
  • 205/55R-15
  • 205/50R-16
  • 205/55R-16
  • 215/55R-16
  • 225/55R-16
  • 205/40R-17
  • 205/45R-17
  • 205/50R-17
  • 215/45R-17
  • 215/50R-17
  • 225/45R-17
  • 225/50ZR-17
  • 225/55ZR-17
  • 235/45R-17
  • 235/55R-17
  • 245/45R-17
  • 215/40R-18
  • 225/40R-18
  • 235/40R-18
  • 245/40R-18
  • 245/45ZR-18
  • 245/50ZR-18
  • 245/45R-19


  • 4 straight wide grooves enhance tire drainage efficiency and maneuverability on wet road condition.
  • The two sub straight grooves on tire shoulders assist the main grooves drainage efficiency and reduce uneven tread wear.
  • The kerfs can reduce pattern noise caused by tire rolling.
  • Sipes on the shoulder reduce tire block rigidity, lower the noise from the road, and increase comfort ability.
  • New silica compound makes NS-20 have excellent grip ability on both dry and wet road surface.


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