• 175/50R-13
  • 205/60R-14
  • 185/45R-15
  • 185/50R-14
  • 195/45R-15
  • 195/55R-15
  • 205/50R-15
  • 205/55R-15
  • 195/50R-16
  • 205/45R-16
  • 205/50R-16
  • 215/55R-16
  • 225/55R-16
  • 205/40R-17
  • 205/45R-17
  • 205/50R-17
  • 215/40R-17
  • 215/45R-17
  • 225/45R-17
  • 225/55ZR-17
  • 245/45R-17
  • 235/40R-18


  • Two central circumferential grooves design can efficiently direct water away and enhance superior wet handling.
  • Computer simulated V-shaped drainage sub-grooves increase resistance to hydroplaning at high speed running through deep water.
  • Two-in-one pitches and variable width tread profile help to reduce pattern noise and provide a quieter comfort ride.
  • Shoulder edge sipes ensure even and prolonged tread wear.


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