AdvanteX SUV TR259


  • 215/65R-16
  • 275/55R-17
  • 235/50R-18
  • 235/55R-18
  • 255/55R-18
  • 265/60R-18
  • 235/55R-19
  • 255/55R-19


The AdvanteX SUV tire has been designed to meet the performance demands of today’s modern SUV market. The SUV market is the fastest growing vehicle and tire market in the world. The new range provides optimum vehicle fitment coverage for today’s modern SUVs.

5-RIB TREAD DESIGN: For maximum surface contact and even load bearing. Results in balanced wet & dry handling performance.

ADDITIONAL SHOULDER AND INTERMEDIATE RIB SLOT: For improved shoulder stability and better water drainage efficiency. Results in confident wet/dry and light snow handling performance.

CLOSED AND SUPPORTED SHOULDER SLOTS: For balanced wet/dry noise performance and handling Results in a quieter and more comfortable ride. STRATEGICALLY PLACED SIPE/BLADE DENSITY: Increased biting edges and water dispersion. Results in improved comfort and wear performance with good wet/light snow performance.

REINFORCED HIGH TURN-UP CARCASS STRUCTURE: For a reduction in carcass deformation and enhanced sidewall strength. Results in improved durability and driving stability.

OPTIMIZED SILICON TREAD FORMULA COMPOUND: For lower rolling resistance, reduced irregular wear and shorter braking distance. Results in improved fuel efficiency and quieter, more comfortable driving experience.


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