• 185/65R-15
  • 205/60R-16
  • 225/60R-16
  • 195/55R-16
  • 165/60R-12


  • Excellent dispersible silica and unique crosslinking agents reduce rolling resistance substantially as well as enhanced wet grip.
  • The ‘chain-end-nodification’ technology used in synthetic rubber strengthens fuel saving and traction.
  • HA-oil-free formula for all sizes conforms with EU environmental protection laws.
  • Centre sub-grooves with shallower depth enhance vertical/lateral block stiffness to avert block deformation and further reduce energy consumption.
  • Shoulder groove bottom with big angle design retain shoulder block continuity, weaken block wriggling, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Two section lateral grooves design on shoulder profile prevent uneven tread wear and provide adequate traction.
  • Four circumferential grooves enhance drainage performance and safety on wet road.
  • Centre rib design reinforces straight driving and handling performance.
  • Circumferential rib design on tread shoulder, with thin sipes instead of run-through lateral grooves, prevents groove resonance and reduce noise generated by run-through lateral grooves.


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